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Default Re: put these uk heavy's in order best to worst in their primes.

Originally Posted by Joe.Boxer View Post
Are you a spastic?? Skelton clearly beat Williams in both their 2 fights, and he twice thrashed Sprott. Losing a close fight in Prizefighter to Sprott when Skelton was in his 40s means **** all.

You stupid twat.
Skeleton was nothing but a mauling boring old and fat lucky fighter....... Danny was far better in his prime than Skeleton and so were a few hundred other British HW champs of the past.

He was half decent domestically in the worse ever time British HW boxing had ever known, just a lucky sod IMO.

If Haye/Chisora/Price/Fury were around then they would be top of the pile all day shut the **** up about Skeleton being anything else but average! Twat!

Make that Stupid twat!

PS...You started with the name calling!! Na na ni naa na!!!! Prick!
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