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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Kaensak so Ploenchit is steadily rising on my favorite Thai boxers lists(also clearly an ATG as previously mentioned on this thread) here is one of IMO his best performances against 4 time lumpinee champ and ATG Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee whos specialty was clinchfighting and is considered one of the very best at that style.

Kaensak is in the red shorts

another great fight by Kaensak who is in the red shorts:

Originally Posted by stormy0 View Post

On the subject of Lamnamaoon and Karuhat, here's a fight I just recently saw, Karuhat vs Lamnamoon.

Al last I’m “Home” watching ATG greats in the Muay Thai ATG thread! It feels great, all warm and cosy! And you guys have given us some brilliant top class matchups. Really great posts Yaca and Stormy, particularly the insane Kaensak v Wisaklek WARRRRRR which surely has to be a mainstay of any Muay Thai ATG thread. Also, quite rightly Lamnamoon gets his rightful place on the thread, good call guys, ‘‘Telephone pole knees” I love it, only in Thailand!!!

Both the clips, Kaensak vs Lamnamoon & Karuhat vs Lamnamoon are very very interesting to watch back to back, cos the basic overall strategy of both the smaller guys is very similar but executed to different standards highlighting the godlike superiority of Kaensak that for me puts him on that tier just above elite ATG, super elite ATG . To me Kaensak deals with Lamnamoon in an almost elusive way to the point it didn’t feel close, although Lamnamoon physically pushed him hard and I reckon Kaensak was a bit gassed in the 4th and need every ounce of focus, technique and grit to hold things together. In Karuhat fight, the usually very crafty veteran although getting the win made a bit of a meal of this rematch (he lost the 1st fight) largely because he missed one crucial main ingredient that Kaensak had.

I know like Diesel Noi, Lamnamoon is a bit special and more than just a knee specialist, but I think to be honest most knee specialist are pretty one dimensional, you know what they’re gonna bring once the shit hits the fan. They tend to be very very strong, durable and relentless. Hard to handle, walking through hellfire, spoiling & smothering until they can grab you & break you with sharp powerful knees, usually making for an exhausting & hellish fight. The “how to control a rampaging taller badass Thai ATG knee specialist” blueprint must be one of the toughest MT scenarios to implement, but was cleverly put into effect, particularly in the Kaensak fight.

Knee specialist always want to close the range and walk you down as soon as possible, and hence are constantly advancing with their body tilted forward, their head ahead of their hips for power and balance with their fists held slightly higher and further away from their head and body than a more traditional all round MT fighter would have, basically because they wanna grab you. This slightly different hand positioning and constant forward movement was viciously exploited by both Kaensak and Karuhat with short, cutting elbows down the middle as well as uppercuts and hooks. Both of the smaller guys were forced to fight Lamnamoon on the back foot, and this for me is where the crucial but slight difference between Karuhat’s and Kensak’s handleing of the fight is highlighted.

To me Karuhat made the fight into more of a war than it had to be, by holding his ground at times, exchanging and choosing on occasion to clinch with a quality bigger and stronger man, a lot of Thai bravado was on display. But to me the biggest “mistake” Karuhat made was when he backed up he did it in straight lines. Now, Thais spend hours each week pacing up and down a gym in straight lines working their knees and constantly going forward. This is done as a basic warm up, a shadow box routine pre sparring, a round filler if there is no space on a bag or the pads, it’s basically done at every spare oppurnity. So Karuhat was making life easier for Lamnamoon to deploy his greatest weapons to maximum effect allowing him to walk in, grab Karuhat and get set to launch powerful knees, hence making a harder night of it. Kaensak never allowed that. He used great footwork to back up and then side step with all sorts of angles rather than backing up in a staright line as Karuhat did, thus not allowing Lamnamoon to walk in and get set to throw his knees, basically negating Lamnamoon’s ace cards. If only Penek had watched this Kaensak fight before he fought Sagatdao earlier this year I wonder……..

Some may argue the Karuhat fight was more exciting to watch, maybe, but the degree of difficulty that Kaensak displayed by sticking to his game plan so classily off the back foot under such pressure was great to watch considering the calibre of ATG he was up against. One note on the Karuhat fight, the commentator mentioned that the 1st Rd cut needed 5 stitches, the 2nd Rd cut 6 stitches and the 3rd Rd cut 7 stiches, so 18 stiches in 3 rounds……gotta luv elbows. I think Lamnamoon did pretty well under the circumstances, his face was shredded and if anyone is in doubt about his true ATG status just reread this paragraph Yaca posted form Rob Cox’s Bio:

Lamnamoon got his first chance at a stadium title on the 30th of April 1993, which he won in style beating Former fighter of the year Jaroensap Kiatbanchong. He gave this title up undefeated after moving up in weight and three years later got the chance to win another title. This time beating Methi Jedapitak on points to win the Lumpini Featherweight title. Lamnamoon made just one defence of this title beating Chatchai Paiseethong on points before relinquishing the title, due to not being able to make the weight anymore. One year later in December 1997 he got a shot at his third title and beat ‘Batman’ Samkor Kiatmonthep on points to win the Lumpini Junior Lightweight title. He lost this title later to Khunsuk Sitboramee (Petsuphapaan). The title became vacant and Lamnamoon won it for a second time beating Rambojiew Dongolfservice on points. Lamnamoon lost this title on points to Namsaknoi Yutkaankamthon.

Yaca’s second clip Kaensak vs Wisaklek..……a thing of beauty………what can anyone say other than……..HEART…… and that’s why we love the sport . Long live the golden age. It should be compulsory watching for very student that every walks into a Muay Thai gym. Fighting’s all about heart, you either got it or you ain’t!

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