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Default Re: Betting odds for major UFC matchups until the end of the year.

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
It'd probably be worth putting a bit on Palhares too.
Yeah it seems Palhares will always lose to the top guys, but Lombard looked very bad last time out. Apparently he was injured, so he may be looking to make a statement though. Still, Palhares is one of these guys where if you **** up, he grabs you and finishes you in five seconds.

And another sleeper may be Big Country. Carwin should be the favourite, but he's injury prone, and has been very inactive. He has monster power, but Roy is a guy who can take big shots and fight on. Carwin may not have the best gas tank, and if he gets too excited early he could suffer an adrenaline dump and gas out as he did against Lesnar. (A fight which he should have won by stoppage anyway IMO)

Still think Carwin will take it, but a guy like Roy who is really a natural fighter (more so than Carwin I think), you can't count him out. If he trains hard and weathers the storm, he has a chance. But I think he'll likely turn up in less than peak condition and cop a beating.

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