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Originally Posted by Vanboxingfan View Post
If you gave a fighter a 5 year ban it's pretty much the same as life. Most fighters don't even have careers that last that long, never mind taking a break of that amount and then coming back. So I agree with the idea but would probably limit the first ban to 2 years.
Most fighters have decent length careers, especially the big names who you really want to hurt, and with science, nutrion, good rehab etc i think its being lengthened.

If a fighter commits the sin in their early 20s, they get another shot, if they did it at 30, they still have a slim chance but if they can't come back then thats the risk they take.

2 years still isn't enough. Sportsmen are often out for 12 months or more due to match making, injury etc It needs to hurt the life they live, their pocket, their fame, everything.
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