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Default Re: Dillian Whyte tests positive for banned substance

Originally Posted by Big Ears View Post
Well 1,3-dimethylamylamine is what he's tested positive for anyway and that's the main ingredient (well was the main ingredient, not anymore) in Jack3D. It would actually be more difficult to source 1,3-dimethylamylamine on its own outside of a known supplement product.

Unless you feel we're being lied to and 1,3-dimethylamylamine is not the drug he's actually tested positive for. But then again if you're going that direction you're just getting into conspiracy theories.....

Assault I assume is muscle pharm assault ?, the main ingredient in that is caffeine. It also has Creatine, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine and Taurine (among many other ingredients) which there is some evidence for in terms of improving performance but a lot of the positive research for these products is studies which use multi-ingredient supplements to bring about improvement, not proving the effect of any of the individual compounds involved.

Creatine has a large % of non responders, ~30% of people don't respond to creatine supplementation at all and the substance is just excreted along with other waste products. for the other 2/3's of people it works to varying degrees. I'd suggest buying a small amount of creatine and trial it before anyway buys a reasonable quantity. You should see an increase in weight and possibly some difference in the way you look as creatine makes you retain more water. If this is not the cause it likely does not work for you.

Anyway the point I'm getting at is it may be worth looking at a caffeine only supplement, as this may be the only ingredient making much of a difference to your performance. Caffeine powder can be purchased cheap enough, but it's quite potent so be careful with the amount you use, and try not to exceed recommended dosages. Like most stimulants you will likely become more resistant over time to its effects.
As for side effects of short term use of assault ?, likely very little other than maybe disturbed sleep if taken at the wrong time or dosage(which of course can have some quite bad effects on you). Long term ?, unknown, I don't believe there's many studies on Creatine usage past 24 months and that'll be the case with quite a few of the substances used.

Most of the ingredients used in supplements like this really don't make much difference. If people want a stimulant, use caffeine, if you want something to improve endurance then increase the amount of dietary nitrate you consume (by quite a lot aswell), which basically means eating more greens, and fruit and veg in who'd of thought that ????
Alternatively if you want an easy solution to gaining more dietary nitrate there are shots of concentrated beetroot juice which have become commercially available.

Outside of that unless you're naturally low in Creatine or L-Arginine I doubt you'll be getting any major performance improvements from any legal substances.
Good post. I would also point out that a lot of the studies into supplements are poorly constructed and usually biased towards the product being tested and are not usually peer reviewed. Where there have been well constructed tests the results have shown little or no effect other than a placebo effect or the effect of taking a large dose of a stimulant which may not be healthy for central nervous system when used long term.
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