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Default Re: MMA guys using non sports specific training IE Combat ropes

This is something that has hit my mind especially after watching the bulid up to Bute v Froch. Bute seemed to spend almost as much time doing new "scientific" S&C as he did "traditional" old skool fight training. He got wiped out. A similar thing happen with other big subscribers to the new skool way of doing things ie Khan, Berto etc etc.

I'm a fan of new advances in combat sports. I subsrcibe to fighting fit magazine and read it cover to cover like a kid with a comic book, but I'm old skool in my approach, I believe the majority of training a fighter does should be fight specifc. Nowhere is that more apparant than in Thailand were other than a few runs, sprints, pull ups pushups etc and not S&C guru insight and these guys still kick everyones **** with ease.....

I'm sure new skool S&C ideas do of course benefit many fighters, I just question the amount of time and importance given over to such training techniques to the detrement of very specific combat training. S&C is a huge industry these days from equipment to dedicated trainers and notice how many of these gurus come form non fight backgrounds but they keep telling us what we need to change? Fine but to the detriment of what? Cos if you add something new what is getting pushed down the list?

The advances in nutrition for the fight game is a whole other thing which I rate very highly and can't stress enough to any young fighters just how important it is to eat right. Nutrition is absolutely essential to every fighter out there.
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