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Default Re: MMA guys using non sports specific training IE Combat ropes

I think your better off using all your energy and time practicing the sport you compete in.

Its harder with something like boxing because you can't spar all the time because its not good to get hit to much, but grappling you can practice till you don't have an ounce of energy left in your body.

If I was training serious MMA fighters I would train their bodies with combat alone. Although I would limit striking somwhat as it can wear fighters down taking to many hard strikes.

How much swimming would you get a runner to do or vice verca? Its the same thing with combat, but even more so as they are more techinical. You can burn a lot of enegy with take downs alone. And there are many other disciplines to be practiced. So really there is not time or energy for weights or swimming. That time spent in the pool or lifting weights is better off used perfecting fighting techniques.
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