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Default Re: PRIDE 4 - Hugo Duarte, what a disgrace !

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
PRIDE 4 was not a good event in my opinion......Igor vs Goodrige was a good fight, fun to watch.......but after that the whole event was boring and Mark Kerr vs Hugo Duarte was probably the worst fight I´ve ever seen in my life as a combat sports fan.....

Really.....what Duarte was doing ?? He should be embarassed by this forever....Kerr wasn´t doing that much also......Anyone else was really mad after that fight ? I know I was !

Anyway, just wanna say this....that fight was horrible !! What do you think of Hugo after that ? Did you lose a lot of respect for him after that as well ??
Well if you think Pride 4 was boring perhaps take up drugs or find a pastime you enjoy watching.

I dont think Duarte has anything to be embarrased about. he went into what was the superbowl of world MMA back than, with a built up hyped up rep as another tough brazilian jujitsu fighter but he got beaten up by Abbot and in this fight he tried to find a way to win but was exposed by a guy in Kerr who was one of the top 3 in the world at that time along with igor and sakuraba. Kerr was a beast and that whole period from 1993-2005 was a wonderful era in MMA a golden era and seeing a guy like duarte compete in it, good or bad was also a part of that.

Todays MMA scene is barren and a pathetic monopoly by the UFC which doesnt seem inclusive or welcoming to russians/eastern block fighters/ and asian fighters.....for sure if there was a PRIDE type org in japan today u would see russian wrestlers, sambo artists, and far eastern fighters rush to go into MMA to earn the money and plaudits that PRIDE offered. The UFC pays a pittance and is too hard to break into for these guys so they dont bother and stick with what they do.
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