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Default Re: What Really Happened To Amir Khan

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Khan drinks, it's his life. He's a sinner so to speak and even the most religious of people sin. He just doesn't live the life that other people of his faith do. That's for him to change if he wants to.

But i doubt serious DOUBT he got done the way this lot make out. For all Khan's chin problems you've got to be some fighter to take on and beat up a top profressional boxer one on one. The speed of Khan is to much for pro's let alone some bloke who probably spends his time ****ing in his room with hood up and fake ice chain while listening rap music and eating his life away.

TBH Khan could kill someone with his speed if he lands a guy could be floor instantly and hit there head off the floor etc. For me if Khan was beaten up they've probably taken gone to him in a pair or more and took him down.

it takes a lot of training to be able to punch effectively, ive noticed from people that are "hard" in streetfights, they cant punch end of. khan may be "chinny" but thats relative to him being in there with top level professional fighters, not people who banged a kid out at school and got a name for themselves. if khan had taken a beating no duobt he would have gone to the police, or had a mark on him the next day, neither of which happened
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