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Default Re: Bellew dropped by an amateur in sparring

Originally Posted by Maxsplit View Post
I think they mostly are true actually

BUT, it would still be a VERY different scenario if Bellew stepped in the ring for a pro fight with this kid.

In sparring, you DO hold back a bit, but the young cubs less so. So while Bellew was maybe going for it at 25% this young kid was trying to land with 110%ers.

Fair enough Bellew was dropped.

In the ring when man and boy went at it, I absolutely KNOW who my money would be on

Sparring isn't fabrication. But you can't replicate the real thing and some people react differently.

Audley with headgear on is by all accounts a World Beater. Take it off though and we all know what happens
Thats very true

Just thought it was quite funny, apparently he went easy on the kid but then saw the kid was tough (apparently has won numerous world titles at junior and youth level, also won his first ever international senior title-european champ at light heavyweight) and stepped it up a gear but got his ass handed to him, kid had serious power and boxed the head off Bellew. He didn't behave in a good way afterwards either, mouthing off at McCracken for blindsiding him with a kid.

McCracken was bewildered himself, had no idea the kid had those kind of skills in his locker. One to watch id say!

Bellew is in action soon enough too isn't he? or would it be a case of a fighter being rusty?
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