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Default Re: ***Lynchburg*** A Cinderella story of making atmosphere - video up

Originally Posted by thebrodstar View Post
I find I get good results if I keep my hips on the floor during a arm triangle. Granted I am only a white belt.

Lynchburg, I seen a few of your BJJ vids awhile back and you did well then and way better now, good to see your doing well!!
Well it depends on the situation for me... sometimes I tripod ala "Von Flue choke" and use my shoulder but other times in do go flat and place my hips close to the floor.

In that fight I was just a little hyped so I left my technique a little... it happens I guess...

Originally Posted by 196osh View Post
To each their own. I am **** at armtriangles anyway never catch them on anybody that is not about my size or smaller.
It can be tough for the smaller guy... try getting a little higher up their arm and it may come easier

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
I like how you left your weight category options open. lol

Keep up the good work, Lynchie! Hats off to anyone that has the ***** to get in the ring.
Haha... I was training MMA with the pro's today and two of them are top 12 ranked British LHW's... hard is not the word!!! Iron sharpens Lynchburg though I guess the saying goes!

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
If you dont like the name then they are gonna keep calling you by it thats how JDS got his nickname
That name has gone thank God!!! Tequila is the official one now it seems!!!

On a side note I've really upped the training! I'm training 6 nights a week and also in the day when I can... everyday I notice improvements and I'm tapping guys who smashed me 3 months ago!

I'm training Freestyle Wrestling with a former GB member too!!! I can't wait to start competing again!

Thanks for all the support

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