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Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Serious question for those who have such contempt for fighters roiding.

If the fight is not overseen by a sanctioning body, and the promotion has no rules against steroid use, is it OK?

Or does a fighter have a moral obligation to enter a fight clean, and perform as he is naturally rather than as a chemically-enhanced superior version of himself?

If everyone does it, does that make it OK and should your fighting legacy and standing/respect in the eyes of fans be unaffected by your drug use?

Are you being serious here? I'll assume you are.

It's never OK to cheat. Regardless of the level, and regardless of how many others are doing it.

Do you think if Lance Armstrong had played the 'but everybody else was taking drugs too' card the authorities would have let him keep his 7 tour de France victories?

Not in a million years
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