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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
I know enough to know that a beginner needs work on his skills, should I say it? A newbie doesn't need an S&C guy at the beginning of his career later on yes just not right now.
You are going to make a great S&C coach, cos argueing with you is like arguing about religion, no matter what I will say you will go back to your superior intellect, and scientific insights. Us no nothings rely on over two hundred yrs of getting guys ready to face whatever they put in front of him.

your rants about weights making a person musclebound,
there is some truth to it
but lets look at the holy unquestioned topic of running

it can give you bad injuries to knees and ankles
among other things.

also if you were too look at marathon runners, i am sure they are not the the strongest people out there lol
and i bet a bodybuilder can beat a marathon runner in boxing lol

but is running needed for boxing, yes
it is cardio training and is great if done in the right ways

same for weight training
and please dont think any and all weight-s&c training is bodybuilding
**** that is very annoying
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