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Default How do you know how much power to use in sparring?

I have alot of empathy naturally so I dont like hurting people I like and I like my sparring partners.

In sparring the guy who wins tends to be the guy who holds back the least (at least in my gym) like if someone's only using a third of their power their punches are gonna be slower and easier to counter/avoid. But the person whos using 50% or 70% of what he has is easily gonna win not due to being better but due to more speed and power being utilized. (even if the other guy has way more power and speed if both were at 100%)

Thirdly I have alot of power and speed thats my style I hit harder than everyone at my gym and im a damn site faster and more athletic in general. But I feel redundant in sparring because I cant utilize my greatest strengths. (I cant seem to separate speed and power if I punch fast im punching with power I cant punch fast and light)

How the hell do you find the balance how should I approach sparring?
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