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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
Cheap shot at the greatest fighter south of 115 Flea (cause at 115 there its a human wrecking machine named Khaosai)! Anyway to answer you're questions:

-The best technician Floyd beat was Genaro Hernandez a 5'11" semi undefeated long reigning champion. The next best was a past it but not completely shot de la Hoya. I've intentionally lefty out Juan Manuel Marquez but he's there as well although I'll concede mitigating circumstances. The dropoff from those guys is pretty steep but Sharmba Mitchell could box, decently at least.
- As for adjustments: the Judah fight comes to mind although that may be a case if Judah falling apart more than Mayweather figuring him out. Against Carlos Hernandez, he figured out how to fight one handed fairly well. He certainly changed up between Castillo I and II turning a relatively close fight into a relatively unclose fight. He's dealt better with pressure over the second half of fights whether from Cotto, Chavez, or de la Hoya. And he went from fighting the best possible opponent to fighting the best opponentt he was sure to beat, a move so brilliant Benny Leonard just issued a ghost clap from beyond the grave.
I know all of this. I hope you're not assuming I make broad assessments without looking at all the evidence.

Sharmba Mitchell was average.

Your point about adjustments just backs up what I'm saying. But I'm pretty sure you're just winding me up and know where I'm coming from anyway.
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