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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
So I saw this Charoensap fight today and thought I should add it to the list of his. Was this guy ever in a boring fight!? Easy to see why they call him Diamond heart, if in fact it refers to what I think it does...

Another good s**** from Charoensap against Samson Issarn a crazy come forward fighter who seems to enjoy pain. Who says clinchfighting is boring! Certainly not when its done right.
Nice one Yaca, more great fights.

Insane 2nd round in the Langsuan fight with Charoensap’s super human will & powers of recovery on display again and under such ferocious ATG hellfire. Gives the above Kaensak come back a run for is money. Never a dull moment in Lumpinee eh fellas…..

Diamond translates as Pet and is common in a lot of fighter’s names used kind of like Sugar or Boom Boom in the west as a common add-on to a name. There is an old Muay Thai saying about great fighters being like diamonds that take years to craft. Other common add- ons are Yod meaning greatest, think Yod-Sanklai, Yod-Decha etc . You also see Lek or Noi, both basically meaning small or little, think Diesel Noi or Super-Lek for example.

The 2nd Charoensap vs Samson fight……. Let’s say that again……. Charoensap vs Samson, it just screams heavy metal WAAAAARRRRRRRRR and as you say turned into master class of clinch and knee work to the highest standard, by two masters. Think how intense one round of that is let alone 5 with increasing pace…. Gruelling, hellish, gut check, war, all these things rolled into one…..frighteningly magnificent to watch. The older Samson (25) did amazingly well against the much bigger and stronger Charoensap (20). Pretty hardcore to push a guy for 5 rounds in the clinch when he’s a naturally a bigger stronger guy and a fellow ATG to boot!!

I was looking for some more Charoensap clips on my Youtube channel and remembered this showing Langsuan form the 1st clip at a lighter weight. It’s an interesting clip of another favourite warrior of ours Chamuekpet Hapalang in action against Langsuan. Another good fight that turns into again a gruelling gut check of clinches and knee work. But this clip is interesting for another reason. You know I’ve mentioned Thailand’s biggest godfather Mr Klao Thanikul that owned Sor Thanikul gym and basically the Thai MT scene at the time, well he’s the big guy in the brown shirt at the beginning with Songchai and a load of other dubious characters. Remember I said there is VDO of a hand grenade being thrown ringside in a fight…….well it’s not this clip but it’s almost as insane, notice at the end of the fight when Dieselnoi dressed in the red of his buddy Chamuekpet jumps in the ring on the left (8.50) he looks around and then everyone ducks as shots are fired………………………………………….

You don’t get that kind of action Ringside at K-1.

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