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Default Re: Bunce boxing hour getting a bit stale

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Get me on it!!!!

Bunce if your reading. I'm your man, I'm the savior of "Boxing hour" and everybody on here knows it!

Give me the chance. I'll be the apprentice, the next generation. I'll make the teas and coffees early hours of the morn.

Give me the chance in a world where the chances are now minimal. I will grab it, take it with both hands and turn Boxnation into THE place for boxing. I will be the crossover to the US. Lillis aint good enough to do it!

You need me, youth, the next generation. We don't need any more old men on Boxnation, nor anymore hairy has-beens!

Vote hope. Vote Craney91.
Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Trust me, I'm the savior.

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

I'll say it how it is, no holds bared, I will speak from the heart. I will speak true. If that means my job is on the line, then so be it, as long as the viewers are entertained. We will create a scheme where wannabee presenters can get a chance, if they really want it, to be apart of the game.

I am THE BRIDGE. We need fresh faces, we need the youth getting a chance to shine. Not all boxing pundits who work on TV need to be 65, OK you've done the time, but that doesn't mean you know more about boxing or are better on TV than someone willing and able a lot younger. We need to get the fans more involved.

This is the time to make the change.

If you don't don't get.

BUNCE, I'm your man, and I mean it that much, I will travel the distance down to London to realize my dream.

This is it.
Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I'm still awaiting your arrival.

You know, when you said you was gonna hack me and use my IP to find me?

...............OH wait a minute.....a caravan has just turned up outside the skip that I live in.
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