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Default Re: How do you know when you are throwing a really powerful punch? How does it FEEL?

In all seriousness though, i'm not much of a powerpuncher. But in my last fight I came up w/a perfect left hook and felt the full weight of his head bounce off my fist and it was loud pop. (lots of oohs & ahhs from the crowd).

I guess it wasn't hard enough to knock him out (more on the temple than the chin). But he was rocked and was back peddlng.

I knew that was a hard one cuz I rarely land a shot like that in sparring.

I'm a very hard puncher - on a bag. But being a powerpuncher is all about how you apply that technique in a fight, which i am still working on.

But yeah it feels good, like when a basketball makes a "swoosh" sound, you just know it.
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