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Default Re: Freddie flintoff boxing vid....

Originally Posted by toffeejack View Post

No way should he have been given a licence.
As long as he has no health issues, then why not? If licenses can be given to boxers who sound punchy, like they have brain damage, then why not for a man who has no health issues? Safety is the only relevant thing here, not someones skill level, and the danger to his health would only be significant if they put him in with someone half decent. No matter how bad Flintoff is, there will always be someone who is worse than him. "He could get hurt". Yeah that tends to happen in boxing. Audley was put in with Price and got KTFO in 1. He may still carry on. If he gets knocked out he get's knocked out. There is no rule saying that he has to take a sustained beating, with the referee unable to step in and stop it.

He looks poor on the pads but you would expect that for someone with no experience, amateur or pro. Many pros have awful technique. Valuev's technique looks worse than Flintoff's, as do a few others I have seen.

They say he should have had a few amateur fights first. I agree, but he obviously feels like he hasn't got time to do that, considering his age. He's just trying the sport out. No one expects him to do anything significant, but if he wants to fight a few no hopers to see how he goes, then he's as entitled to do it as the next man.

A lot of the negativity surrounding this is due to jealousy I feel. People within boxing who know the sacrifices you have to make, the many years of training, blood sweat and tears. Even after all that, there is no guarantee you will make it on telivison. Yet here is a guy, with zero experience, headlining a show at the MEN, which is gonna be shown on boxnation. It's not fair. Well, to that I say life isn't fair. Julio Cesar Chavez jr benefited from his father's name and was appearing on HBO shows even when he was a nobody. That's just life. Let's not forget the level he will be fighting at. I have no cricket experience, so if I was selected for an Ashes series of course there would be uproar. If I played for a village cricket team however, no one would give a ****. That's the equivalent of Flintoff's little adventure in boxing. He isn't gonna be fighting for a title or anything close to a decent level, so what's the issue? He has McGuigan by his side also. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
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