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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
It is kinda odd.that Floyd hasn't really beaten as diverse a group of styles as one would expect going through that many divisions. Do you think that was intentional or was it just a matter of timing? Im trying to think of a master boxer whom he could have fought and in drawing a blank. Cause, i'm all honesty Judah and Mitchell don't cut it.
I think it's partially both, as flea said. But at least some of the lack of diverse styles on his record is intentional. It's been done to death but he really could have fought better opposition, should have fought better opposition despite having a pretty damn solid resume.

at 140, he avoided EVERYONE. there are various sides to it but he avoid zoo, hatton and cotto at various points in their respective careers at that weight. he had every reason to move up to face kosta but said in an interview why bother, he already lost one fight.

at 147, he avoided EVERYONE. williams, margarito, cotto, pac, non-corpsey mosley, etc.

at 130 and 135 though he basically cleaned out the divisions. a fight with mosley would have been great but I'll blame timing on that. a fight with either morales or hamed would have been blasted for them being too small. below 140 is where his resume matters and it isn't all time great.

he didn't have a ton of master boxers to chose from either, you're right. nate campbell? meh.

mentioning judah though, i scored that fight WAY closer than many. i give him 4 or 5 rounds depending on my mood and I damn well scored a 10-8 round for judah for the knockdown. judah basically took at least 3 of the first 4, and i think the 11th. add in the knockdown and it's tighter than some scores indicate. and judah is neither great, nor anywhere near his best
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