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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by round15 View Post
Frazier lucky? C'mon McVey I'm surprised at you. Puhleeese!!! Unless Ali got hold of the stuff Liston used to blind him, Joe wasn't losing his sight. Manilla yes, but FOTC II no way.

According to Joe, Ali had no zip or sting on his punches. It was a shoeshine job and you don't have to post pictures of Joe's face after the fight to prove your point because it makes no sense.

Except for the right hand in the second round, Ali's punches were hardly dangerous. He was throwing shots for the judges scores, nothing more. Certainly he didn't have the conviction in his punches like he did against Frazier in the 14th round of Manilla or any other round in 1975. Very few punches that Ali threw in the FOTC II can compare with the murderess yet desperate intentions he had in Manilla.
If Frazier believed Ali had no zip or sting on his punches? How come he looked like a gargoyle after the fight?
Was Perez hitting him?
If you truly believe this, maybe it's you who has impaired vision.
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