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Default I like getting hit, and I'm going to spar for first time tomorrow. Need advice?

Basically, I spar with my friend (who is an amateur boxer) and sometimes we go slow, other times we go quite hard. But in general, I actually don't mind being hit. Obviously, I don't stand there and let him hit me, but when I do get hit, I don't get scared about getting hit again.

Anyway, I am planning to spar at my local boxing gym tomorrow. I have just joined and I asked if I could spar because I know the basics since I've taught myself from videos and books. So the trainer is going to throw me in with another amateur, but this guy has only had 1 fight.

Do I fight him with a walk forward style, or should I box him? I just thought that because I don't mind getting hit, I can just try and walk him down, and make him tired then capitalize.

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