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Default Re: I like getting hit, and I'm going to spar for first time tomorrow. Need advice?

Originally Posted by Geronimo View Post
Basically, I spar with my friend (who is an amateur boxer) and sometimes we go slow, other times we go quite hard. But in general, I actually don't mind being hit. Obviously, I don't stand there and let him hit me, but when I do get hit, I don't get scared about getting hit again.

Anyway, I am planning to spar at my local boxing gym tomorrow. I have just joined and I asked if I could spar because I know the basics since I've taught myself from videos and books. So the trainer is going to throw me in with another amateur, but this guy has only had 1 fight.

Do I fight him with a walk forward style, or should I box him? I just thought that because I don't mind getting hit, I can just try and walk him down, and make him tired then capitalize.

Did you write this post so that you could indirectly brag about your ability to box, as well as walking him down? I think this post is pretty useless, because most normal people would just get in theri and see what works. I would walk him down just for fun, then box later just for fun to show off my versitility to the other guys. I know showing off is the main thing on your mind.
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