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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Total BS. This Pepe guy is a complete nutcase...bigtime.
Well, I ****ing thankful someone on this forum is not posting one of those moronic "I'm an idjit - school me on Fighter X" threads..

But to make you comfortable, I post a three-way 'peak' Tua vs 'prime' Ibeabuchi vs "peaking but not quite prime" Tyson thread in a day or two...and then cap it off with a Top 5 hardest puchers eva thread.

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
I disagree.
I disagree also, as Pepe's either quoting from material (Spanish anyone?) thats not on the net (of which I've done also and been criticised- as ridiculous as that is...), OR, he's positing a counter-factual for debate...

Either way, I'm happy and don't care...there's something interesting on this forum... keep it up
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