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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
I am being real. Your emotional because obviously you love Ali and anything he does is Ok. If your want to tell me Ali was doing Joe a favor by holding him that would make you typical of many other Nuthugging Ali fans. Straighten UP.

In reality it was against the rules. Sometimes guys get away with a foul
thats part of boxing. In this case it was excessive holding and not only holding but grabbing Frazier behind the head and pulling him in so Joe couldnt work inside.

Should Ali have been DQd? Cant say because I dont know if Perez even warned him about it. Thats why I stated in my earlier post that he shouldve given Ali a warning and then deducted 1 point if it continued.

It depends on what Ali after that.

Why would the rules be any different for Ali? this is not complicated.
You dont know if Perez warned Ali yet you make a statement on it ?

When I implied Ali was doing Frazier a favour ,I was being facetious.
I assumed that was obvious. You probably think Frazier deserved the nod in that fight. Poor old Joe he would not want to miss this , having his ***** licked by so many devotees.
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