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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
ETM - Hands of Iron - ecto55

You gentlemen are objective posters, as opposed to Houdini is damn near
Muhammad Ali's 'weekend gardner'.

The Frazier - Ali II bout in January 1974 - is a clear case of a Referee who
'thought' about doing something, but didn't in fear of after fight criticism.

Mr. Ali 'holding' is one thing, but 'cuffing' behind the neck is an intentional
foul, just like hitting low, intentional thumbing or hitting after the bell.

After Round 3, Tony Perez shoud have went to Mr. Ali's corner and told him,
you have gotten away with that stuff long enough. Next time you do it, I'm
deducting a point.

Unfortunately, Tony Perez went to ringside, to discuss the issue with the
NYSAC Officials, who were more worried about getting Mr. Ali's next fight,
than clean play in the ring that night.

First I heard Kinshasa was in NYState
Ali's next 8 fights ,after Frazier 2 were outside NY
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