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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
He's underrated because of a few flops on the big stage. He's faced and beaten so many quality fighters across so many divisions and given so many different looks stylistically. Few ever mention his skills when talking about classic boxers, and while he's not a technical wizard or anything, but he had a variety of tools people collectively seem to overlook.
Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Oscar was a PHENOMENAL boxer.

You can argue his greatness is overstated, but his abilities are not.

De La Hoya was as hyped as Kostya Tszyu by boxing trainers worldwide when he decided to try the pro thing. That should tell anybody who knows anything all they need to know.

At his peak, he was likely rated too highly, overestimated, like any guy who can be vicious inside the ring and a matinee idol/nice guy act outside the ring, but like happens, they love to set that pedestal up as high as they can before they kick you off the *******. And the more successful you are the more detractors line up to lie in wait for you to hit the deck so they can kick you while you're down and shout "I told you so!", even if the "I told you so!" doesn't make a terrific amount of sense. (Case in point, even David Tua got an "I told you so!" thread here after bleeding Monte Barrett. As though that were even relevant).

Oscar got a huge backlash underrating after his peak love-fest. Pacquiao's probably started it himself, in the last year or so, and it's in its infancy. Wait a bit, it will get worse for him after the height he hit. The rubber band snaps back slowly sometimes. Roy got hit with it too. Tyson pretty badly. If Mayweather so much as has a close score card or loses in any way, there is a massive group that will be on his ****, even if he is faded himself. That's how it works, stupid as it is. But, damn, Oscar got it pretty harshly, I think. Considering what he put into the bank before losing his real relevance.
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