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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Judging from the opinions here, I would agree that Oscar is rated about right. He was very very good, willing to take on all comers and for that he should be applauded. Yes he blew the Trinidad fight, which is probably the biggest thing people hold against him.

I loved watching Oscar box, he was so quick and flowed really well, that left hand was a scorcher and he was involved in some very entertaining fights.

Is he the greatest of all time? No, but he had great abilities and beat some good names as well as losing to a few. If you mix it at the very top and are prepared to take on anyone then you are bound to take a few L's.

Oscar's place in boxing history is more than secure, it's selfish but I would like to see him take off the suit, dust off his trunks and have one more fight at around JMW or a catchweight against a fellow old timer. Win or lose. I didn't like seeing him go out in the Pacquiao fight the way he did, no disrespect to Manny, Oscar sought him out but he looked so bad at the weight. He doesn't have any reason to do it but it's something I'd like to see as long as he doesn't get hurt.
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