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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?


Having watched fights, researched and even looked at arguments all over youtube, I will like to enlighten you.

Oscar beats the mexican great warriors Ruelas, John John Molina, Leija, G. Hernandez at lightweight.

Beats a very good (not quite at his prime but still great) Chavez Sr, beats Gonzalez who at the time was regarded as great as Ricardo Lopez and Chavez Sr.

Beats Whitaker in my opinion as Oscar lands far more power punches and did more damage as a result, but for the sake of fairness I mentally register it as a draw. There is no way I have Whitaker winning the fight. Whitaker was no slower than he was during that fight, than in his prime.

Speaking of Whitaker, he arguably lost at LEAST once to Rivera. Oscar blitzed him.

Oscar also beats the very good Ike Quartey.

Oscar won the Trinidad fight. Everyone knows this. Even Oscar's trainer told Oscar during the latter rounds that Oscar was far ahead on the scorecards so should just keep running away and not get involved in a brawl, to ensure he got the win.

Oscar had a VERY close first fight with Mosley. Oh wait! Mosley was on steroids! Oscar beats Mosley in the rematch, outlands Mosley by almost 100 punches on compubox and boxing ****ysts say it's one of the biggest robberies in boxing history. Even Mosley said he lost the fight.

Oscar beats Vargas while Vargas was on steroids. Vargas beat greats like Winky Wright, Ike Quartey and was even stellar in the amateurs.

After winning the rematch against Mosley, Oscar was never the same again. Mentally I believe he became very comfortable with his fame by then, he was getting money that the likes of Mosley and even Mayweather at the time can only dream of. He had life easier. Due to this mental effect, he was no longer in his prime...hence why he lost against Felix Sturm, a guy who was meant to be a tune up fight for Bernard Hopkins. Obviously the fight against Hopkins ended in no other manner than a devestating KO loss for Oscar.

By the time he fought Mayweather, he was 34 years old and he had drug problems which further undoubtedly had an effect.

Pacquiao beat the shell of the elite Oscar, not the real Oscar:
1. Oscar's drug problems in 2008 became even worse, he had depression also as a result.
2. Oscar's ring age was old.
3. Oscar was 35 years old.
4. Oscar was drained from 154 to 145lbs catchweight. Understand that Oscar had been fighting comfortably at 154lbs since 2001! 7 years before the fight against Pacquiao.

Once people realise the truth about Oscar that I have mentioned, they will regard him as an ATG, who further puts him above Pacquiao.

Oscar has a better resume than Mayweather, although Mayweather in my view is a better fighter.

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