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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by anj View Post
The statement I made in my ODLH comment puts the issue to death.
I have my opinions about Guts, I think he was a quality fighter and did have a solid winning streak which did make him A dominant force in the lightweight division at the time of Duran. Duran got himself a good win. Guts was no cab driver.
I don't mind being mistaken as I'm actually learning some things on this forum. There are some people on this forum who have some sort of OCD problem where they feel they have to be right and throw trollish jabs at those who should simply be corrected. What'd be even more pathetic is if these people behind the laptop/computer were grown men LOL Great examples to younger men like me. Complex + Middle age + troll like behaviour = not a good example for younger men like me haha
Let's just keep to the topic of discussion with is ODLH.

There was a lot of material to chew on from that post, I just found it genuinely humorous how you went to the lengths of capitalizing the word. It also struck as though you were stating concrete facts that had better be recognized rather than opinions to be simply and delicately corrected. I wish Duran's record was that insuperable... And I don't hide behind anything.
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