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Default Re: MMA guys using non sports specific training IE Combat ropes

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
It's painfully obvious that you've never used ropes before, and probably never even trained hard before. Ropes are one of the best and simplest conditioning tools there are, and they take up a damn site less time than running or virtually any other conditioning drill. They also put a lot less strain on the joints and develop your posterior chain and grip strength.... how is that not sport specific?
Got to admit Primate, I've never used a pair of ropes. I don't even ever remember seeing a pair "in my day", they seem to have creeped in over the last decade or so.

I'm not saying their isn't a place for new S&C ideas and equipment, we all agree a fitter stronger fighter is a better fighter. My issue is how much time is given over to them to the possible detriment of actual fight skills and training.
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