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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by Mendoza
Ali had the boxing powers ( ref's and judges ) on his side. Ali should not have won the 3rd Norton fight, and could have drawn or lost to Shavers. But you're right. I think Futch said he counted something like 73 holds behind the neck in the 2nd Ali vs Frazier fight.

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
That's two great black boxing heroes you believe got the benefit of dishonest judges/referees .
Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Good job Martin Luther King didn't box.
That has nothing to do with it you reverse racists. Watch the flims for a change. You will see Pepe is correct. And the scoring in some Louis fights was horrible.

I said the Helenius vs Chosira decision was bad. Chisora won in my book. Remember that one? I call them as I see them, but if it doesn't coincide with your wanton political interests, you play the race card. " By any means necessary " would be a good motto for your sorry ass.
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