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Default Re: UFC on Fuel: Cung Le vs Rich Franklin RBR & Discussion w/spoilers

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I don't understand why people are surprised a man weighing probably ten stone in the Octagon can generate power. Even straw weight in MMA is not a complete midget.

Remember guys, MMA 'flyweights' are not small guys. Alexis Arguello and Dieselnoi were around the same weight, probably a bit lighter (same day weigh in's and all)

Lineker is a monster though, glad to see him bounce back.

If only Henry Cejudo could focus himself on MMA. He's born to turn over and be a massive success at 125 IMO.
Yeah he's a tremendous wrestler (olympic gold obviously) and he's got that mexican fighting spirit.
He's let himself go a little bit since he won the olympics in 08 though
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