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Default Re: Biggest fraud in sports history

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Bob Arum admitted to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get unranked fighters a ranking for Foreman to be able to fight and keep the gravy train rolling.

If he is willing to do that just to get unranked fighters ranked I have no doubt he would pay officials and fighters to fix fights.

Of course that goes above and beyond the highly selective matchmaking that Foreman benefitted from and even admitted to.
Right, I'm sorry for calling bull**** on you because I agree with all of this. But the fighter was not a 'fraud' and I think made up for this by knocking out Moorer after being outclassed and out of the ring for a while off the back of a loss.

I certainly don't think he's a good shout for 'biggest fraud in sports history'.
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