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Originally Posted by Urone2 View Post
one more thing combinations is like sprints, and very different from distance running. you are most likely in great shape but not in combination shape. In order to throw combination back to back, you have to train to do that. I'm not sure of todays training methods but when I trained runners you would train on two different systems. The aerobic an anaerobic systems. Aerobic using oxygen and anaerobic without oxygen, and in combination of both. You need to work your anaerobic system with short recovery, you can do it. If you train to work in short burst with short recovery then you will be able to work the pad the way your coach is requesting.
I agree to you and I do aerobic and anaerobic training but I cant puncing nonstop because I am heavyweight.Maybe is problem that my coach was bantam and I am heavy so he think I must have stile like him.
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