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Default Wladimir Klitschko Vs. Mariusz Wach & Robert Helenius Vs. Sherman Williams RBR

Unless IB takes over, I got this one. HW Doubleheader on EPIX. Undercards starting soon off USA TV.

Disclaimer: I'm fair but firm. Lets keep this nice and simple first and most importanatly don't post about streams! Read the ESB Rules you are not allowed to do so here as with any other part of the forum. This includes hinting such as " Wish I could watch this " or even saying " What channel is this on in ________ " can get you banned as it is simply not allowed to request it in here. And the mods lurk these threads 24/7 so believe me even from personal experience they will catch you no matter what, It also makes my thread a mess with deleted posts...

As with all other live RBR threads if the channel we are watching on has a tape delay and yours doesn't or you are at the event live. Do not spoil!

Also remember, this thread is a luxury, nobody has to do this so don't ***** and bicker about quality issues,

Thank you, Enjoy the RBR!
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