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Default Re: What next for Chauncy Welliver??

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Bill McDonald
OK, we all love Chauncey Welliver! Great guy! So I am on the phone with Donnie Davis today, a match maker I have known for sometime. I just never knew he was an active fighter. Lol with an 8-24 record. So he and I are chatting away today, and he says, yeah Bill, I'm in Montana, right now. I am like oh great, they are putting are starting to put a few more shows on there. I said my friend Chauncy Welliver fights there tonight, his original opponent fell out. I said Chauncy told me, the guy they got was even a bigger bum, than the guy who backed out. Donnie, says, yeah they got a guy named Donnie Davis. Whoops! He said he was fighting Chauncy, and was going to go as far as he could. Lol! Just saw Sarah, posted Chauncy stopped his guy in the first. Lol! Donnie back to match making and the Hillyard Hammer back to Spokane! Only in boxing!
This same guy who couldn't see out the first round this time, Bercier, actually went the distance with Chauncy 6 or 7 years ago.

I'd pay to see the video of this brutal first round KO if anyone can get it.
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