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Default Re: Biggest fraud in sports history

I would never call a ATG a fraud, they had to be great to do what they did in the ring, but if giving the choice, and it pains me to say this, but perhaps Dempsey.

Guys like Ali, Marciano, Louis, even Tyson, Lewis, Wlad ete, they all fight the best, and duck no one, You cant say that with Dempsey. Harry Wills was the number 1 guy for 7 years in a row and he didnt even got a sniff at the title.

People may hate on Marciano, but at least he didnt have a number 1 guy waiting for a title shot his entire title rein. He would lose points in my book if he never fought Moore imo. I not asking Dempsey to win vs Wills, but he should have been taken care of before taking on the likes of Firpo. I talking ATG here, Not really going to bring up the Carnera's or Baers mind you.
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