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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Top 30, for me. Better tham Mayweather.

Boxing fans complain about boxing today, the top guys don't fight each other etc... the old timer were heaps better , they had great resumes as they all fought each other, so what if they had a few loses , as they fought the best etc...

Along comes Oscar fights everyone, has some wins over fellow greats and a couple loses, but fights great boxers even one of the top MW of all times but has a couple loses along the way , how do boxing fans return reward one of the boxers that fights all comers like the old timers that they love? , by saying **** like he lost all his big fights.

Then they complain why more boxers are not looking to unify and or fight the best out there, the boxers and / or promoters are not stupid , they see what happens to boxers that take on the best and have a coupe losses , it is much safer to pick , choose and dodge curtin boxers to keep your look of invicability.

Oscar, Mosley , Ike , Tito and Sweet Pea were all WW around the same time , who is the only one to fight all of them? , he loses one and suddenly he is nothing , why didn't they all fight each other to see who was the best of them? if they all fought the other four , who would not come out with a loss to his record?
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