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Default Re: Biggest fraud in sports history

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
The best man in the ring that night in Japan,

Referee - Gene LeBell

He wrote an article about how the fans threw garbage on Muhammad Ali as he
left the ring. The Japanese people wanted their money back, and called Ali a 'coward'.

The bout was to be protrayed as a boxer vs. a wrestler, but the rules were not
disclosed until both 'actors' entered the ring.

The buying public had no knowledge of what the rules were.

A consultant to this fiasco, Vince McMahon who was an advisor for Bob Arum.

Thank God Bruce Lee wasn't alive, otherwise they would have had a bout between
him and Muhammad Ali.

And the public, would have bought it.
Bob Arum and Vince McMahon conniving together
It's a wonder it wasn't an even bigger farce - assuming that was actually possible
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