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Default Boxing "experts" on TV

Tonight has been disgraceful for the punditry on boxing, the climax of which were Maloney's comments about Wlad and Manny, but it got me thinking about the overall problem with British "experts" on TV. For me, the level is shockingly bad.

I like Bunce and when he's impartial, I think he's one of the few good pundits we have. I respect his opinion a lot but there are so many others who add absolutely nothing. The guy who is in the studio with Bunce right now, Mark Prince, adds nothing. He seems bored, so not only does he not have a good personality for TV, I also don't think he knows what he's on about. The fact he was a successful boxer doesn't mean he's knowledgeable. The Sky team are terrible too. Johnny Nelson, Barry McGuigan and Glenn McCrory all make for poor pundits and never come out with any interesting insight and instead, they stick to the same tire old cliches I've heard thousands of times.

These people all seem ignorant about the sport. I come on to ESB and I read comments from posters like Flea Man or Mandanda, and I put far more stock into their opinions than those of the Sky or BoxNation team. I'm being 100% serious when I say that quite a few of the posters on here are more knowledgeable about the current world boxing scene than any pundit on TV.

It seems that every fight is ruined by **** commentary and the pundits are even worse. Guys like Bob Mee and Tris Dixon should be given more time on TV. They actually know what they're talking about. The only former boxer who I think is a good pundit is Jamie Moore. The rest all talk a load of ****.
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