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Default Re: Boxing "experts" on TV

Thanks Jack, Kind of you to think that bro .

I agree it's poor TV. I'm all for dragging these guys on your show and giving them air time but not in this arena on your weekly show fine but not asking him to talk about the action he's just seen.

Onto the point about experts, they sadly aren't well most of them anyways. Spencer Oliver tries bless him. He clearly doesn't know it all but he gets told the show he's doing and looks at the fighters records and past fights on youtube.

For us normal men working all week to know more then guys who work in it is pretty poor really. Yes you can't expect them to know every minor thing but i don't expect guys to blag it all the time on such basic stuff and work on the fly. They also talk down fighters they don't know which bugs me. Don't talk about things you don't know, i'd rather a guy say ''I've never seen Leo Santa Cruz'' then make it out it's a winnable fight for McDonnell..

It's poor profressionalism but you get it in Football as well, But Boxing less people moan and groan cos it's not so big a sport nowadays so they get away with it more.
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