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Default Re: Samuel Peter - where is he at??

Was really hoping Peter would have been back last July. He had a fight scheduled, but it fell through again.

I trust his age is 32. I don't think he needed to fake it. I mean it wouldnt be the first time someone did, but it's usually for team sports with age limits for participation and the coaches wanting to keep that 16 yo blowing fast***** past 8th graders.

There's something to be said about a guy like Peter. He was an unrelenting puncher which was his downfall in his losses, but it won him his biggest fights. He literally ended a promising prospect, Tuarus Sykes, and sent Half Man Half Amazing, Jeremy Williams, into retirement. Yeah, he came back, and is even plotting another comeback, but the KO Peter put on him will forever make him gunshy as evidenced in his 2007 bout with Gary Gomez.

I hope Peter comes back. Sure he'll take some Ls, but he can end hypejobs like Edmund Gerber, and maybe even D Wilder, and being only 32, he could eventually find a route to winning another title.
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