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Default Bending forward at the waist to slip. Why does nearly every pro in history do this?

I dont see ducking, or slipping in the other direction used half as much. Nor do I see rotation or bending at the legs for slipping as much as youd expect, theres ALOT of bending at the waist only.

I mean even Perry Whittiker who is a southpaw (who shouldnt use this slip as much) and the best defensive boxer ever (perhaps) avoids right crosses by bending forward at the waist when he is "meant" to be slipping the other way to avoid right crosses and he is meant to bend at the legs not the waist. Is it wise to do that to avoid a southpaws left cross?

In case you are wondering what slip I mean, I mean the slip to the right you are an orthadox fighter. (or to the left of you are southpaw)
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