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Default Re: I'm 0-7 should i quit?

Originally Posted by Aziz_B View Post
My record is 7 fights 0 wins should i quit?
I dont' want to but feel like if i continue losing il be a laughing stock. When i started boxing my aim was to someday be good enough to win an amature title but now i don't think thats going to happen. I'm 21 now and a failure at this sport
You certainly won't be a laughing stock. Most lads would have quit already, you haven't - That's admirable. Well done.

Lots of things to consider here:

How long were you training before your first bout?
How often do you train?
Have you got suitable sparring and how often do you spar?
How have you been matched ? i.e. have you been matched with heavier, more experienced opponents?
Have you been competitive in your bouts? i.e. have they been fairly close?
How's your fitness?
What club are you at?
Are you over weight?
Any videos?

I can tell you this, I have seen plenty of lads with a similar record to you, and there is nothing at all wrong with them.

A young lad comes to our gym to spar sometimes and he has a record of 6 losses and 1 win. He is actually very, very good, I almost couldn't believe he had only won one bout.

Another lad from my gym had only won 1 out of 5 at one stage. He's just won his last 6 bouts and has stopped 4 of them.

You will start winning if you stick at it mate.

PM me if you prefer.
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