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Default Re: Arreola vs Staverne - will it go ahead??

Originally Posted by zxcvbnm View Post
Stiverne's win over Austin was a WBC world title eliminator. Yet despite this, Vitali has not mentioned Stiverne's name once.

The WBC and Vitali have conspired to ensure that Stiverne does not get the opportunity to smash Vitali's "iron" chin. Stiverne will annihilate Arreola and then there is no way out for Vitali except retirement. Stiverne is one of the hardest hitters out there, only Leif L****n and David Price are on a par with or have greater power.
The WBC have apparently approved on it being an eliminator. The fight has to go ahead first of course, and Venezuela is starting to look a longshot for the venue.
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