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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by Gesta View Post
Fought and beat Sweet Pea, Ike & Tito (first 2 were very close) , so what if he is not give them rematches he fought them at least, which cannot be said of all the others. Tito was asking for the magority share which was not going to fly , Tito was a WW what was Oscar to do?

Don't know the time line to not fight Forrest (was this around the time when he lost to Mayorga?), but I am sure he had his reasons , But he avenged he loss to SSM instead. Winky is not to be trusted with making carrer disisions, fought Hopkins instead around the same time.

Oscar is way better than Forrest, Winky & Ike.

Oscar pretty much took on all comers even if he tried to stack the odds in his favour (worst was cherry picking Pac), he was the money go to guy , you wanted to be the next star you had to fight Oscar. Floyd was the next star after that and was in a hot WW division and chose to retire intead of fighting the best WW of his time then ducked a former Flyweight that was cleaning the WW house.

Better than Floyd & Hopkins who had to leave his own division (where he is ranked as one of the best ever) becuase he could not beat Jermain Taylor, but is known as a ATG for beating Robert Allan & Echols for 25% of his MW defences
Right so you're giving Trinidad and Mosley 2 fights and saying he won Quartey and Whitaker? I think you're either a big fan or rate late round flurries highly regardless of them landing I certainly had him losing to Whitaker and Quartey as many others did. For the record a judge who had him beating Quartey had him losing to Trinidad.

Forrest was on his horizon from around '98 from my recollection, nothing wrong with it not happening then obviously with the bigger fights around, but Forrest was unbeaten until '03.

Oscar certainly isn't better than Forrest, Winky & Ike. Quartey outboxed him for about 9 rounds, Forrest did far better in 2 fights with Mosley as did Winky

Anyway I'd rank Mayweather and Hopkins above Delahoya by a margin, they're just allot better boxers for various reasons
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