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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
But we already knew that. You got sore over a sarcastic Ike Williams reference in response to something you said in a post and wouldn't let it go. You think I don't catch **** about Burley regarding Robinson on here? It's pretty light hearted stuff.
First, let me make it clear, I went back to check that thread right now -- and only then, I know it was you who posted about Ike Williams.

I didn't catch the sarcasm the first time and after you told me you being sarcastic I immediately dropped the tension. (Not like I was cussing up a storm in the first place.) I asked you about Angott in a completely un-hotsile manner.

How did that conversation hold a grudge with you this long? We shared about 4 posts with each other they weren't even hot.
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