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The BARB site is not necessarily the best way to gauge the success of a specialist channel such as Boxnation.

The sample of households used is only 5000, and when you consider that this is used to guage the television vewing of 60 million people you can understand why it has its limitations.

Its pretty effective for guaging the mainstream shows (soaps, talentless shows etc) and even lesser watched programmes on digital platforms, but when it comes to 'specialist' channels it falls flat.

To assume that just because Boxnation does not appear in the BARB ratings it therefore means it has low subscrption figures is not really right.

I'm not saying Boxnation doesn't have low subscription figures, I just don't know, I'm just saying don't rely on BARB to tell you that.

The only people that really know are Boxnation themselves, the fact that they are not shouting the figures from the rooftops suggest things aren't quite what they would hope, but then again it may mean nothing!
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