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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by young griffo View Post
Wlad does what he has to and has dominated everyone he's fought for the better part of a decade, for what that's worth.

The guy he just beat Mariusz Wach has to rank as one of the most inept fighters that I've seen challenge for a world title. He was big and brave but he was so slow, had a woeful punching technique and sub par skills. It's a win over an undefeated fighter for Wladimir but seriously someone like Louis or Tyson would've destroyed Wach in 1-3 rounds despite being so much smaller. He's a spud pure and simple and Wlad not going for the stoppage is why he's not wholey embraced by fight fans.

It's a pity because Wlad is what a champ should be. He's busy, always fit, happy to meet anyone (his brother excepted understandably) and isn't scared of rematches but beating rubbish like Wach or Peters etc will always give his detractors ammunition about ruling over a poor division, whether that's fair or not and his safety first mentality always gives the impression that he's wary of letting it all hangout for fear of another Sanders like disaster.
In the heavyweight division, size IS an asset and an obstacle for the opponent that has to face it. By definition, it is the one division with the greatest size disparity contained within. Wach is big, strong and has an anvil for a chin. That is a combination that goes far in heavyweight division in any era. Heavyweights are just different. It's almost a different sport.
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